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Application Profile

10 February 2020 322彩的新登陆网址

Mammography Machines

Braking Solutions for Mammography Machines

a major global manufacturer of mammography systems contacted altra motion for braking solutions it needed for various applications within its machines. altra worked closely with the oems engineering team to identify and confirm the torque requirements and space limitations of each different brake application.

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27 November 2018 322彩的新登陆网址

Forklift Truck and Load Wheel

Matrix Series 4PMB Variable Torque Brakes for Forklift Trucks

322彩的新登陆网址 a large global manufacturer of multi-directional forklift trucks needed a replacement load wheel braking solution for one of its truck models. the forklift features a steering system that allows the truck to move sideways while transporting oversize heavy loads, such as long lumber bundles.

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30 January 2017

Golf Carts

Matrix International Modified 1EB Series Brakes for Golf Carts

a major us golf cart manufacturer needed a drop-in replacement braking solution for a line of golf carts. the carts feature a convenient parking brake mounted to the back of the motor that automatically engages when the vehicle is stopped.

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24 September 2015

Pharmaceutical Robots

Matrix Small Diameter Permanent Magnet Brakes for Medical/Pharmaceutical Robots

matrix engineers recently developed a new line of permanent magnet brakes (pmb) for use by the servo motor industry. the small diameter brakes are ideally suited for precision pick and place robots utilized in medical laboratories and pharmaceutical manufacturing applications.

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08 September 2015

Industrial Robots

Matrix International Modified 1EB Brakes for Industrial Robots

A leading global industrial robotics manufacturer contacted Matrix to provide servo motor brakes for a new series of robots used in material handling and process applications. The robots often operate 16 to 24 hours/day performing rapid repetitive programmed functions.

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